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You’re Not Alone!

07 Nov 16
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I might saying it to myself, too.

For a long time, I’ve been isolating myself.

Not because ashamed of being an agoraphobic.

But thinking it was my issue and had to deal with it on my own.


When I thought about enjoying my life as a whole.

Taking full advantage of living.

I came to realization.

Cooping myself up in a tiny circle with my dog isn’t the best way to get what I really want.

To blazing this precious life which had given to me.

Is it possible to do it alone? I asked.

The answer was ‘NO’.

It needed a lot of courage for me to show my WEAK SIDE.

I was afraid of people might reject me, I thought.

But that was opposite from what had really happened.

People showed understanding and care.

My life turned into parade of joy from dark lonely self-torment.

You’re not alone in this world.

If you can be brave enough to accept that.

Your life will magically change into continuous happiness and celebration.

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