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The Greatest Gift Ever!

06 Nov 16
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Not only because it’s expensive.

Not only because I really wanted for a long time, either.

But because this is a gift from someone’s warm heart.


It is material.

And also practical.

Though it contains care and support.

The sender of this amazing gift is one of my supporters for my adventure.

And he’s really concerns about my safety.

Since I’ve been riding my bike with holding a digital camera in one hand like this.

And keeping my dog’s leash in the other.

I swear to you Paul-san.

That I’ll never ride my bike like that again.

Be completely safe with my dog running along beside me.

I deeply appreciate you caring about me.

Understands what it does mean to me and outfacing this adventure with me.

And I’m so happy to be able to share EVERYTHING I see during challenges.

Looking forward to it arriving!

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