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An Agoraphobic YUNO’s Adventure [CHALLENGE 1] “GET OUT!” [1st Step] ‘Walking with my dog in Japan’

13 Nov 16
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On 16. October, 2016.

My adventure has started.

This is my very first video recording it.

In this video, I’m walking my hood with my dog. You see typical Japanese suburb. While I walk, I’m talking about:

– How does it feel to go outside and walk when I’m an agoraphobic?

– What kind of symptom show up because of agoraphobia?

– How am I making it easier to be outside?

– What do I think is important to recover from agoraphobia?

– How well did I do on my challenge?

My journey to see EVERYTHING I’ve missed out,

and to do EVERYTHING I desire to do,

has just started.

Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen!

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