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You’re Not Alone!

07 Nov 16
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I might saying it to myself, too.

For a long time, I’ve been isolating myself.

Not because ashamed of being an agoraphobic.

But thinking it was my issue and had to deal with it on my own.

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The Greatest Gift Ever!

06 Nov 16
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Not only because it’s expensive.

Not only because I really wanted for a long time, either.

But because this is a gift from someone’s warm heart.

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Do No Blame Yourself!

03 Nov 16
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You decided to go out TODAY.

Couldn’t yesterday, but TODAY.

That’s what you told to yourself.

Although today’s ending with beautiful sunset.

And you didn’t step outside.

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Are you praising yourself?

02 Nov 16
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Are you praising yourself? For even a tiny achievement?

It might difficult in the beginning.

But it’s an essence to bring you happiness.

Still feeling too hard?

Then simply let me know what you’ve done right away.

I’d praise you so hard like you can never forget YOU DID IT!