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An Agoraphobic YUNO’s Adventure [CHALLENGE 1]”GET OUT!” [2nd Step]Walking busier area with my dog

13 Nov 16
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It’s a second video of CHALLENGE 1 “GET OUT!”.

Again, I took my dog out in our hood.

But busier area than last time.

While I walk, I’m talking about:

– The dangers I feel when I go out because of agoraphobia.

– How much aware of my surroundings I became after I developed agoraphobia?

– What I do to make myself feel SAFER to live with agoraphobia?

– What happens afterward when I go out even though I’m an agoraphobic?

– How this challenges are helping me to be motivated to go outside to accomplish my adventure as an agoraphobic?

Walking busy areas is very hard for me.

Because I’m scared of STRANGERS!

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